Young Entrepreneur for the year 2017

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She is the Managing Director of Ultra Rays 3D.Her company, which holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest 3D hording, is one of the biggest companies which deal with the 3D printing works. She is the member of Advanced Imaging Society, AIS, based in Los Angeles. Her organisation has offices in Mumbai, Dubai, Germany and even in Kochi. Recognising the excellence, perfection and professionalism that her company possess, her company has been awarded some prestigious contracts in the 3D programming for movies sector. It has been instrumental in creating the 3D version of Sholay and in making the 3D version and Virtual Reality version of Pulimurugan. Manappuram Presents ‘Unique Times FMB Award’ - Young Entrepreneur for the year 2017 - Ms. Anubha Sinha